US Set To Temporarily Ban Electronics In The Cabins Of Flights Coming From Terror-linked Countries

Responding to a terror threat, the government is set to announce new sweeping travel restrictions. Unlike President Trump’s on-hold measures, this ban only targets certain electronic devices and not people.

This shouldn’t affect anyone’s ability to travel. People are asked to stow away electronics all the time.

The ban only applies to laptops, tablets, game devices, and cameras. Cellphones and medical devices are exempt. The banned items will need to be shut off and stowed in checked luggage. Cell-phones serve all the functions of electronics now anyways, I don’t think anyone will be horribly inconvenienced.

Officials are saying the measure is only related to a specific threat and has nothing to do with President Trump’s previous measure temporarily banning travel from seven countries. This measure is believed to affect up to 13 countries for the remainder of the week. The only country that has been confirmed on the list is Jordan after the country’s airline tweeted a message to passengers telling them about the new restrictions.

There’s no official word yet on this, but we are expecting an update on the procedures and the affected countries tomorrow.

International airports are already on high alert after a man screaming “I’m here to die in the name of Allah” attacked a soldier at a Paris airport and attempted to steal his gun on Friday, March 17th.

H/T The Hill.

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