More than 60 militants killed and wounded in Taliban-ISIS infighting in Afghanistan

Kabul, July 12 (IBNS): More than  60 militants were killed or wounded during the infighting among the Taliban and ISIS militants in the northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

Local Khaama Press said the clashes erupted in Darzab district of Jawzjan after a coordinated attack by the Taliban militants.

According to a statement released by Shaheen Corps, at least 16 ISIS militants and 10 Taliban militants have been killed during the clashes.

The statement further added that 14 ISIS militants also sustained injuries and at least 9 others were detained by the Taliban militants.

A commander of the Taliban group was among those killed and at least 11 Taliban militants have sustained injuries while 2 others were detained by ISIS militants, Shaheen Corps added.

According to Shaheen Corps, clashes between the two sides still continue as the Taliban militants are attempting to clear Darzab district from the presence of ISIS militants.

The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban and ISIS militants have not commented in this regard so far.

Jawzjan has been among the relatively calm provinces in the North but the security of the province has deteriorated during the recent months amid growing ISIS and Taliban activities.