Isil recruiter 'White widow' Sally Jones’ son JoJo ‘still alive’ and fighting for jihadists in last desert territory

The son of Sally Jones, who became the UK’s most wanted woman after joining Isil, did not die in an air strike that killed his mother and is likely still alive, Syrian sources have told the Telegraph.

Joe “JoJo” Dixon, 12, had not been with Jones when a convoy she was travelling in was struck by a CIA Reaper drone in June.

According to witnesses, who requested anonymity to protect their safety, the boy was around 35 miles away in the village of al-Shaafa along the Euphrates river near Syria’s eastern border with Iraq.

He was separated from his mother soon after Jones’ husband Junaid Hussein was killed in a 2015 raid. When he turned 12 in December, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) considered him of fighting age and conscripted him into its ranks, according to two different sources. 

JoJo, who was given the Islamic name Hamza, underwent several months of training in Isil’s “cubs...