DHS S&T Introduces New Training System to Support TSA Airport Screening Tasks

The Office for Public Safety Research within the Department of Homeland Security‘s Science and Technology Directorate has developed a training system designed to help transportation security officers perform airport screening tasks.

DHS said Wednesday the ScreenADAPT X-ray image analysis training system will use visual search research and eye-tracking technology to evaluate Transportation Security Administration officers’ visual search performance.

ScreenADAPT features an eye-tracking capacity to help trainers and trainees analyze if potential errors were made during bag screening as well as record trainees’ performance metrics and compare results with their peers.

DHS noted that the system also offers diagnostic metrics on TSO performance to evaluate trainers’ and trainees’ needs.

“The different types of training address the corresponding root causes of the errors and assist in building each TSO’s mental threat image library,” said Darren Wilson, program manager at the OPS-R for the ScreenADAPT project.

TSA has deployed fifty ScreenADAPT systems at airports in Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland and Raleigh to assess the effectiveness of the training support tool and results of initial data recorded show a 45 percent increase in efficiency.