DHS could require medical checkups for adopted children

DES MOINES - Rep. Kaufmann tells Local 5 the change was the top recommendation of the Government Oversight Committee to the Department of Human Services. He's chair of the House committee.


Currently, if parents in Iowa are receiving a taxpayer check, there is nothing that requires them to have a doctor look at the child. After three recent high-profile abuse cases, including the deaths of Natalie Finn and Sabrina Ray, state officials held a public hearing to discuss preventing future incidents of child abuse. 


According to Kaufmann, under the policy, if a child is not seen by a doctor, it will be a "red flag" to the department that the child has not been seen by a medical professional, and DHS funds going to the home will stop.


"This is the direction the director wishes to take, but details are still in the works," said DHS spokesperson Amy McCoy.


Kaufmann said it's likely the legislature will codify the DHS director's proposed policy once the 2018 legislative session begins. That would require legislative approval.