British Forces Are Going To Africa To Stop Illegal Elephant Poaching For Terrorist’s Gain

Every year, 30-40,000 elephants are being killed in Africa for their ivory tusks.

But until recently authorities were unaware of who these poachers actually are and what they were doing with the money they received for the tusks.

Now, they know and they’re calling in reinforcements to put a halt to it all.


 British Troops Are Aiding Western African Nations

Elite British troops have been deployed to stop the illegal practice and they are training the people of Gabon how to stop the poachers as well.


Or should we say, “terrorists.”

Soldiers Are Being Trained To Protect The Majestic Species

In Gabon on the Western coast of Africa, extremist groups are butchering rare forest ­elephants in order to fund their activities across the continent. The poachers are selling the ivory for £65 per pound (about $84) to the Asian black market through a wide connection of ports in Dar es Salaam and Mombasa. Elite British Troops Have Already Trained 80 Rangers
The market for ivory in Asian has always been hot but lately it has gotten even worse. Photo Source
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