A Tale of Modern Terror America Has Yet to Encounter

American Intelligence meets its match in a modern war that threatens many lives. Nicholas Orsini presents “The Green Vial,” a novel which narrates the thrilling adventure of a man who pursues an unknown, despicable enemy.
Orsini acquired a comprehensive background from his years of serving the military and being hired for a project of differentiating underground nuclear explosions and earthquakes. He now weaves a thrilling plot that highlights the terror of the human capacity for destruction in order to gain power. The New York-born writer presents his book, “The Green Vial,” to readers who like to live in the danger zone.
The book tells of a deadly mission to stop a terrorist attack. The protagonist, geophysicist Dr. Roger Rogers, and his team is out to investigate a major earthquake in the Iranian desert. What started out as a private and professional search for the truth becomes a nation’s concern as the catastrophic threat now involves the lives of millions, even the president of the United States himself.
To find out what it takes to pursue a terrorist, follow Dr. Rogers and grab “The Green Vial,” available at selected online booksellers. 
The Green Vial
Written by Nicholas Orsini
Paperback | $13.78
Book copies are available at LitFire Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.